Proof #37 - Think about DNA

Many religious belivers use the existence of DNA as a proof for God's existence. The logic goes something like this:

    DNA is information. The amount of information encapsulated in a single strand of human DNA would fill 400 volumes the size of an Encyclopedia Britanica, and this information contains an exact blueprint for creating a human being. This information did not write itself. The creation of information requires intelligence. The creation of an encyclopedia requires an author - a creator. God is the creator of the information in DNA.
As we saw in Proof #25, however, there is no "creator" for DNA. The creator is evolution. No intelligence is required to encode DNA. Instead, the information in DNA is the result of natural selection acting upon random mutations, rather than the actions of a "being" like God.

The fact is that there are millions of scientists who have assembled entire libraries full of information showing that evolution is where all the species on earth came from. Thousands of clergy members have even signed a letter stating their belief in all of this scientific evidence.

Does this prove that God is imaginary? As in Proof #8 (on near death experiences), the answer is "no." However, many believers use the existence of DNA as "indisputable" evidence that God must exist. We can scientifically and irrefutably show that nature, rather than any "god", created all of the information encoded in DNA.

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by Marshall Brain

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